Lion of the North, Loup de la Mort

This is a roleplay blog for two Skyrim characters.
Characters are:
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//Cinead (Shai'a'in) Moorhart: Bold text
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raem-the-dancer said: Fake!Proposal: *Loki walks up and Takes Sizaan's hands in hers* Zaan, I have t' admit something to y'. I hav' been watching you from far awa' and I have fallen for you. Yer' a werebeast and y' don't care who knows it or not, Yer a very handsom mer as well. I will do anything fer y' be it bring you all the garnets or sapphires I can from my travels.. M' son would be so happy t' meet you as well! He loves t' see others with a tail... I-I guess what I'm trying to ask.. W-will ya.. Marry me?.. *shy*

Tha’s a good one, Loki. 

Ver’ well put.

Tho’ I’d love t’ meet your son anyway!

  • 16 April 2012
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